How To Go To Root Directory In Linux: A Step By Step Guide

Linux distros are typically open-source operating systems and provide a powerful and flexible environment for both home and professional users. And one fundamental task every Linux user should know to perform is navigating to the root directory.  In Linux, the root directory is the uppermost directory in the system’s hierarchy. Understanding … [Read more...]

Should You Use Linux For Backend Development in 2023?

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Linux Empowering Financial Data Processing in Trading: A Multitasking Marvel

In the fast-paced world of finance, where microseconds can spell the difference between profit and loss, the role of technology is pivotal. Among the unsung heroes driving this technological revolution is Linux, the open-source operating system that has seamlessly integrated itself into the heart of financial data processing within the trading … [Read more...]

DevSecOps in Linux: Enhancing Security Without Compromising Agility

Does Linux help DevSecOps grow or is it DevSecOps that helps software development with Linux better? The relationship between Linux and security-fortified DevOps is as complex as the chicken-and-egg casualty dilemma. It is difficult to pinpoint which serves as the tool to advance the other. Some would say that Linux development accelerates and … [Read more...]

How to Recover Deleted Files in Linux I Guide

Files management is an important skill for everyone who utilizes storage devices for whatever reason. File recovery tools for instance are crucial utilities you need to understand especially how they are used in Linux.  A good data recovery tool gives you an opportunity to recover deleted files in Linux including getting you out of many other data … [Read more...]

Navigating Data Recovery on Linux with Open Source Software

Most people continue to face data recovery challenges across the world. Like those using Windows computers, Linux users are not left behind in these challenges. Some of the issues you could have faced before looking for this article include emptied trash on Linux, corrupted drive, deleted files, and damaged device.  However, you should not be … [Read more...]

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Open-Source Server Operating Systems: Examples and Advantages

In recent years, open-source server operating systems have gained popularity due to their many benefits. These collaborative and transparent operating systems offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive choice for server environments.  Open-source operating systems operate under the belief that collaboration and shared knowledge result … [Read more...]

7 Linux Software Trends To Watch In 2023-2024

The stability of Linux is one of the main advantages. The system is known for its reliability and durability, compared to some other operating systems. It’s designed for use with a wide variety of hardware, from personal computers to servers, that can handle massive amounts of work and do not experience crashes or other problems. This article … [Read more...]

Enhancing Linux Security with Network Access Control Software: Safeguarding Your Networks and Data

In an era where cyber threats continue to evolve, ensuring the security of computer networks and sensitive data is paramount. As a widely used operating system, Linux offers numerous benefits but also poses its own vulnerabilities. Organizations must employ advanced network access control software to safeguard networks and defend against … [Read more...]

How To Add a User to A Group in Linux: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to use groups is essential if you want to give users permission to read files, modify them, or create their own.   In this comprehensive tutorial, we walk you through the process of adding users to and removing them from a group in Linux.  We also cover how you can create, view, and delete groups.  Understanding Linux Groups and Group … [Read more...]

How To Use a Proxy Server in Linux Mint 20 (For Beginners)

Roughly four out of every five internet users encountered internet censorship in 2022.  But not every user hits a virtual wall when attempting to access a website or online service for the same reason. Besides content regulations, geopolitics and company policies also influence website restrictions.  Regardless, a proxy server is just what you need … [Read more...]

Proxy Servers that you can combine with Linux or Unix

Proxies, in their various forms, serve as vital intermediaries between your network and the websites or services you access. When it comes to choosing the right proxy for your needs, considerations such as privacy, anonymity, speed and connection stability come into play. If you’re using Linux or Unix systems, you have the advantage of … [Read more...]

What Is /Opt In Linux? (The Ultimate Guide)

In Linux, the “/opt” directory is a standard directory in the file system hierarchy. It is typically used for installing optional or add-on software packages that are not part of the core operating system. As you might have guessed by now, “opt” stands for “optional.”   The /opt directory provides a location … [Read more...]

Guide To Download Debian 10: A Quick and Easy Guide

Debian 10, better known as Buster, is an LTS version of the distro that will receive support till 2024.  In this brief guide, we will walk you through downloading and installing the distro on your machine.  How to Download Debian 10 Open an internet browser of your choice and navigate to Debian’s official website. You will find the recent … [Read more...]

Optimizing Web Performance with Linux: Tools and Techniques

Providing fast, well-performing websites is absolutely essential these days. A slow website means visitors will drop off sooner and leave, missing opportunities and leaving you with a high bounce rate. That’s why many businesses turn to web development services for travel industry or for other spheres to get the proper results without any … [Read more...]