BETA Test: Fastly repositories

We are looking for BETA testers. We’ve got new ultra fast repositories, powered by Fastly.We need many users to switch over to be able to test this properly.If you are interested visit for information on how to participate. Thank you. … [Read more...]

Monthly News – March 2024

Hi everyone, We’ve got a lot to talk about this month, but first and foremost I’d like to thank our donors, our sponsors and all the people who support us. Many thanks to you all. Localization Improvements were made for Linux Mint 22 installations to be better localized and to use less disk space than before. Preinstalled packages for … [Read more...]

Monthly News – February 2024

Many thanks to all of you for your donations and your amazing support. Advertising We’re using Google Adsense here on the blog and on the forums. It came to our attention that the advertising platform had become much more intrusive than before. We will take action to reduce the number and placement of ads on our website or failing that to … [Read more...]