The Official Flathub Website Just Got a Fab Revamp

Next time you stop by the Flathub website you will notice it’s had a bit of a revamp. The latest UI refresh lands a year after its last big redesign and builds on that look by adding new on-page features. These changes make it easier for Linux users to find the apps they are looking for and come across new software they might not have heard … [Read more...]

Firefox Nightly is Now Available for Linux on ARM64

Using Linux on a 64-bit ARM device and longing to use Firefox Nightly builds? Well, you’re in luck — Mozilla has finally made ARM64 Linux builds available to download. As I understand it most Linux distributions that support ARM64/AArch64 offer a native ARM version of Firefox in their repos (in Ubuntu that’s via snap) though some Linux … [Read more...]

Audacity 3.5 Released with Cloud Saves, Beat Detection + More

A new version of Audacity, a popular open-source audio workstation, is available to download. Audacity 3.5 introduces major new features and improvements, fixes a number of issues in earlier builds, and removes a number of older, less-used options. The headline addition is sure to be the new cloud-saving feature. This allows users to save Audacity … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Supports HEIF/HEIC Images OOTB

Among the many new features in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is out-of-the-box support for HEIF/HEIC images. Anyone using Ubuntu 24.04 won’t have to manually install any extra packages to be able to see HEIF/HEIC thumbnails previews in the Nautilus file manager or open HEIF/HEIC files in the default Eye of GNOME image viewer app. While HEIF (which stands … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 125 Released with Added Conveniences

You know the drill by now: a new month rolls around, and a new version of the inimitable Mozilla Firefox rolls off the release server for us all to enjoy. And bang on cue, Firefox 125 has arrived. The big-ticket new feature in this update is URL paste suggestions: Mozilla says this feature “provides a convenient way for users to quickly visit … [Read more...]

Blanket Ambient Sounds App for Linux Gets Calming New Look

If you want to relax or need to concentrate on a task at your computer then listening to ambient sounds can often help — and the best Linux app for this task just got a big update! Blanket is a free, open-source GTK4/libadwaita app that comes packaged with a variety of ambient looping sounds. These range from classic nature tracks (rain, wind, … [Read more...]

APT is Getting a Colourful New UI (it’s a BIG Improvement)

I think most of us are familiar with the way that APT, the package management tool underpinning Ubuntu and all other Debian-based Linux distributions, looks and behaves. But some (much needed) visual changes are coming in the next major stable release, APT 3.0 — and they look great. Hey, don’t pretend you’re not excited by fancier … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Released, This is What’s New

The Ubuntu 24.04 beta is now available to download — one week later than originally planned! Ubuntu 24.04 will become the next long-term support release (LTS) and this beta will provide developers, testers, and enthusiasts time to try it out, track down bugs, and road test its new features. Beta releases are not intended for everyday use (i.e. … [Read more...]

Defences Down! ClamTk is No Longer Maintained

It’s always sad to see a long-standing bit of open-source software put itself out to pasture (a euphemism for going way of the dodo, which is a metaphor becoming extinct or obsolete, which together are needless inclusions for the start a news post). A few weeks back the iconic IRC client Hexchat announced it is no longer under active … [Read more...]

Firefox Getting Translate Selected Text Feature, Here’s How to Try It

A handy new translations feature is in the works for Mozilla Firefox that should help speed up translating short snippets of text from one language to another. Firefox 118 introduced a privacy-respecting web page translation feature, and Mozilla devs have continued to improve on it in subsequent releases But sometimes you don’t need or want … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Improves Power Efficiency on Laptops

A new version of Power Profiles Daemon in Ubuntu 24.04 offers power efficiency improvements for laptop users, but those with modern AMD devices may see the biggest gains. Release notes for the power-profiles-daemon package uploaded to Ubuntu 24.04 this week state that it is now “battery-state aware” and that “some drivers use a … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Delayed Due to Security Issue

If you were hoping to help test the upcoming release of Ubuntu 24.04 by way of the official beta that was due for release this week, I’ve some bad news: it’s been delayed. However, I reckon you may have expected this. Ubuntu 24.04 beta was scheduled for release on April 4, giving developers, testers, and enthusiasts several weeks to … [Read more...]

Linux Mint 22 Adopts PipeWire, New Linux Kernel Cadence

A slew of modernisation are set to ship in next version of Linux Mint, which will be based on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. First up, Linux Mint 22 will switch to using Pipewire as its default sound server. Most major Linux distros now use Pipewire. The tech modernises and standardises multimedia processing, is more resource efficient, improves integration … [Read more...]

Pop!_OS Users Can Now Update to Linux Kernel 6.8

Pop!_OS user? You can now upgrade to Linux kernel 6.8 which has begun rolling out as a regular package update. Although the latest version of Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS which currently tops out at Linux 6.5 back ported as a HWE from Ubuntu 23.10, the distros maker, System76, like to bring newer versions of the Linux kernel to its users, … [Read more...]

8BitDo’s New Mechanical Keyboard is their Geekiest Yet

8BitDo, makers of retro-themed gaming goods, have unveiled their latest nostalgia-indulging mechanical PC keyboard — and fair warning: it’s way nerdier than their NES-inspired one. The new edition is sure to press all the right buttons for geeks of a certain age as it pays visual homage to one of the most iconic home computers of all time. … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Swaps Cheese for GNOME Snapshot

Ubuntu 24.04 is switching its default webcam app from Cheese to Snapshot, a modern GTK4/libadwaita camera tool that’s part of the GNOME Core Apps set. Cheese has been part of Ubuntu’s default software lineup since 2010, having first been added in the Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix owing to the rise of diminutive, underpowered laptops that … [Read more...]