Run Any App in Picture in Picture Mode in Ubuntu

A new GNOME Shell extension lets you turn any app in to a picture-in-picture window on Ubuntu. You’re probably already familiar with picture-in-picture mode (PiP) through your web browser. The likes of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome let you to “pop-out” video playing on web pages to view as a thumbnail-size window that floats over … [Read more...]

Zorin OS 17.1 Released with Better Windows App Support + More

A new version of Zorin OS is available for download. Zorin OS 17.1 is the follow up to Zorin OS 17, which was released in December. It is based on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS and ships with the latest HWE stack pulled from Ubuntu 23.10, meaning users get a newer Linux kernel and a set of updated graphics drivers. Beyond foundations, the new Zorin OS 17.1 … [Read more...]

Linux Mint is Building a New Desktop Chat App

A new IRC client (but don’t call it an IRC client) is being developed by Linux Mint. The Ubuntu-based distro currently includes Hexchat in its default software set. IRC isn’t as trendy as Discord or Telegram but it is a free, open standard that no single entity controls, is relatively low-bandwidth, interoperable, and efficient. But as … [Read more...]

Retro Google Chrome Theme for Mozilla Firefox ESR

A new open-source nostalgia project allows you turn back time — though sadly only in web browser aesthetics. Silverfox is a custom theme for Mozilla Firefox ESR that recreates the classic look of Google Chrome. We’re talking trapezoid tabs, parallelogram new tab button, pared back speed dial, a bottom-based downloads bar, and a custom-made … [Read more...]

Varia Download Manager Now Has Official Browser Extensions

Avid users of Varia, a modern download manager for Linux desktops, may want to check out official browser extensions. By installing the official Varia browser extension in Google Chrome/Chromium or Mozilla Firefox you no longer have to copy and paste download links from the browser into the app: just click an icon to punt the link to the app … [Read more...]

How to Mirror Your iPhone’s screen on Ubuntu Desktop

Want to mirror your iPhone screen on your Ubuntu desktop? There’s a free, open-source app you can install from the Ubuntu repos to do exactly that. If you’re looking to mirror your iPhone or iPad to Ubuntu UxPlay is the easy way to do it — and it’s free, open-source software The app is called UxPlay and once it’s installed … [Read more...]

Canonical Has Given Launchpad’s Homepage a Facelift

Next time you stop by you’ll notice it has a new look. Canonical’s designers have given Launchpad’s landing page a lithe new look that allows text to breathe and is more in-keeping with Canonical’s other websites. It’s the first major redesign to the project hosting site since 2016, and (to save you a … [Read more...]

Phew, the ‘New’ App Center Icon in Ubuntu is a Bug

About a week ago I noticed that the default icon for App Center (the Flutter-based software store-front that replaced Ubuntu Software in 23.10) had changed — and not for the better! At first I assumed its appearance wasn’t intentional but a snafu or screw up caused by me (I was playing around with display scaling options when the icon in the … [Read more...]

It’s Game Over for GNOME Games in Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu developers have decided to stop shipping games in future installs. Since Ubuntu 23.10 the distro defaults to a minimal install, which preinstall only core software essentials (like a terminal and web browser). But users can opt for a “full installation” that preinstalls extra software, including a small selection of simple games. … [Read more...]

KDE Plasma 6.0 Has Arrived, This is What’s New

KDE Plasma 6 has arrived. The first stable release in an all-new series of the phenomenally popular Linux desktop environment is now available to download. KDE Plasma 6 improves security, performance, usability, and hardware support Naturally, a major milestone like this one includes a deluge of changes, enhancements, and shiny new features, the … [Read more...]

See AirPods Battery Info in Ubuntu with this GNOME Extension

Do you use Apple AirPods or Beats wireless headphones with Ubuntu (or any Linux distribution using GNOME Shell) and want to be able to check battery levels on your desktop? Well, now you can! The new Airpod Battery Monitor GNOME Shell extension makes it easy to check the battery levels of your AirPods or Beats bluetooth headsets. Don’t See … [Read more...]