Ubuntu in the Wild: Distro Glimpsed in Nature Film ‘Nocturnes’

It’s been a little while since the last #UbuntuintheWild spot but this one feels like a fitting return given it’s quite literally in the wild! The wilds of the Eastern Himalayan forests, in fact. Nature documentary Nocturnes, directed and produced by Anirban Dutta and Anupama Srinivasan, follows scientists as they undertake a research … [Read more...]

Canonical Extends LTS Support to 12 Years

Ubuntu’s long-term support releases just got even longer, with Canonical today announcing they are eligible for up to 12 years of security coverage from initial release. As you know, every Ubuntu LTS release receives 5 years of standard security (and select application) updates out of the gate. This covers packages in the ‘main’ … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Makes Tiny Tweak to Hugely Improve Gaming

Gamers can look forward to more epic top-tier titles working out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, which is due for release in late April. Following a user suggestion Ubuntu developers have massively increased the distro’s virtual memory mapping limit. This small change should have a big impact on gaming as titles previously reported to crash … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 Gives ‘App Center’ a Brand New Icon

App Center, Ubuntu’s Flutter-based replacement for the Ubuntu Software app, has picked up a redesigned app icon in the latest Ubuntu 24.04 daily builds. This isn’t the first icon change that the App Center has received in recent months. An updated build of the software installation frontend rolled out a few months back, and it … [Read more...]

How to Bring Back Ubuntu’s Iconic Login Sound

If you only started using Ubuntu sometime after 2012 then you have my apologies: this article won’t make a whole lot of sense. But if your roots with the distro reach back farther then the following curio might appeal (though that ‘might’ is, I accept, doing a lot of lifting). When I reported on the new IRC-based chat app Linux … [Read more...]

GNOME Shell Extension Manager App Updated

A big update to Extension Manager, a popular 3rd-party tool to browse, install, and manage GNOME Shell extensions without the need for a web browser, has been released. If you’re into customising Ubuntu, be it changing the look and layout, adding animated effects, patching in new features and capabilities, or modifying underlying behaviour, … [Read more...]

Looking for a Modern MPD Client for Ubuntu? Try Plattenalbum

This week I came across Plattenalbum, a modern GTK4/libadwaita frontend for the Music Player Daemon(MPD). MPD remains a popular way to make music stored on a server or a computer available on other devices, with capable, user-friendly frontend clients for mobile and desktop devices a crucial element. And Plattenalbum looks a solid choice. Note: … [Read more...]

GNOME 46 Officially Released with Improvements Galore

TheGNOME project today announced the stable release of GNOME 46 “Kathmandu”, the latest update of its hugely popular open-source desktop environment. And what an update it is. I ran through the best GNOME 46 features earlier this week. Suffice to say there’s a lot of improvement across all areas of the user experience. “This … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Official Wallpaper Revealed

Esteemed adherents of the arts rejoice, as the official Ubuntu 24.04 wallpaper has finally been unveiled! As you no-doubt know, every new Ubuntu release comes with its own unique desktop background and the upcoming release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” doesn’t abdicate the responsibility. Indeed, the Ubuntu 24.04 default … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 124 Released with Misc Improvements, Linux Fixes

Mozilla Firefox 124 is now officially available to download. The latest update to the open-source web browser includes a small clutch of improvements. Firefox View can now sort open tabs by recent activity (default) or tab order making it a touch faster to find specific tabs using this feature; and Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer now supports … [Read more...]

GNOME 46: The Best New Features

GNOME 46 is released on March 20 and the update will be at the heart of the upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 release — so are you wondering what sort of improvements it brings? Well, I gotcha’ covered, innit. In this post I run-through the best GNOME 46 features, changes, and usability enhancements. And there’s a fair bit, including super-charged … [Read more...]

Mozilla Drops Axe on its Privacy-Friendly Location Service

Mozilla has announced it is ending access to Mozilla Location Service (MLS), which provides accurate, privacy-respecting, and crowdsourced geolocation data. Developers and 3rd-party projects that use MLS to detect a users’ location, such as the freedesktop.org location framework GeoClue, which is used by apps like GNOME Maps and Weather, have … [Read more...]

Proton Mail’s New Desktop App is Available for Linux

Proton Mail has released a brand new desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The app means subscribers to the privacy-focused mail service no longer need to use a web browser to read, send, and manage their mail. For privacy-conscious folks, Proton needs little introduction. Formed by a group of scientists and engineers who met working at CERN … [Read more...]

VLC Media Player Hits 5 Billion Downloads – Big Changes Ahead

VLC media player has now been downloaded over 5 billion times across desktop and mobile devices, with the most recent release clocking up 335 million downloads on its own! Jean-Baptiste Kempf, president of VideoLAN, the non-profit organisation who develop VLC (and related tech), shared the monumental milestone in a natter with Lowpass newsletter … [Read more...]

KDE Plasma 6.0.2 Update Delivers More Fixes

The second bug-fix update to KDE Plasma 6 is now available, arriving just over a week after the first one rolled out. KDE Plasma 6.0.2 brings a bunch of band-aids to resolves crashes, quirks, and other odd-ball behaviours reported by users since the KDE Plasma 6.0 stable release landed at the end of February. Among the more notable (read: things … [Read more...]

Linux Kernel 6.8 Released, This is What’s New

After several solid months of development the Linux 6.8 kernel has been officially released. This kernel is of particular note to Ubuntu users as it’s the version chosen to ship in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS – i.e., as the GA kernel and thereby supported for the duration of the release. Announcing the release of Linux kernel 6.8 on the official Linux … [Read more...]