Linux 6.9 arrives, plus Torvalds indicates Arm64 will get a bit more love

And the windows are opened to 6.10 in September or so. Linux kernel 6.9 is here, with many under-the-covers improvements that won't be very visible to users, but which tidy things up, fix bugs, and pave the way for future changes.… … [Read more...]

Fedora Asahi Remix 40 served on Apple Silicon

First big update of the go-to Linux for newer Macs. Lagging the mainstream edition by a couple of weeks, the Asahi-flavored version of Fedora 40 is here – redolent with KDE Plasma 6.… … [Read more...]

Experimental remix finally brings the former Unity 8 back to Ubuntu

Ubuntu Unity 24.04 arrives along with new little sibling, Ubuntu Lomiri. Ubuntu Unity Noble Numbat is out, and alongside it, a very much not long-term-supported new variant of the distro: Ubuntu Lomiri.… … [Read more...]

LXer Linux News 2024-05-07 22:30:19

First new version in almost a decade now boasts TLS. The Dillo web browser has returned with a new release, version 3.1. It's nearly nine years after version 3.05 appeared on the last day of June 2015.… … [Read more...]

RISC OS Open 5.30 arrives – with Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi support

Got an old Raspberry Pi spare? Try RISC OS. It is, literally, something else. The new version of RISC OS, the original native Arm OS, runs on eight or nine Arm-based platforms, including the Raspberry Pi Zero, 1, 2, 3 and 4 – and on that last two, this release supports wireless networking.… … [Read more...]

Xubuntu 24.04: A minimal install that does what it says on the tin

This nearly Snap-free Ubuntu remix may be about about to win friends and influence people. Xubuntu 24.04 is out, and offers a minimal installation option that is considerably more minimal than the other official flavors.… … [Read more...]

Ubuntu 24.04, Fedora 40, EndeavourOS, and TrueNAS 24.04 all arrive at once

Sometimes Linux releases are like buses… frequently clustered together, and rarely as reliable as you might ideally want. FOSS round-up Last week was a busy one for the open source community: EndeavourOS and TrueNAS Scale arrived on Tuesday, Fedora landed on Wednesday, and Ubuntu on Thursday.… … [Read more...]

Fedora 40 is just around the corner with more spins and flavors than ever

KDE edition has the most conspicuous changes, and could become future flagship. Fedora 40 is in the final stretch before launch tomorrow, with release candidate 1.14 in testing.… … [Read more...]

Lightweight LXQt 2.0.0 updates to same toolkit as KDE Plasma 6

4-letter survivor's move to Qt 6 means that, love it or hate it, Wayland is looming. Version 2.0 of the LXQt desktop updates its foundations to Qt 6, as also used in KDE Plasma 6 – but still has one foot in the Qt 5 past, to ease the transition.… … [Read more...]