How to Set Up Reverse Proxy with Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM)

Learn to set up a reverse proxy with Nginx Proxy Manager, enhancing server management and security in just a few easy steps. … [Read more...]

EdgeDB 5.0 Launches with Branching Functionality

EdgeDB 5.0 graph-relational database introduces branching functions to align database and code branches for efficient schema changes. … [Read more...]

Audacity 3.5 Adds Cloud Projects and Advanced Tempo Detectionv

Audacity's latest update brings cloud saving, enhanced beat detection, pitch adjustment, and non-destructive pitch changes. … [Read more...]

PhotoPrism’s Latest Update Introduces Two-Factor Authentication

PhotoPrism AI-powered photos app introduces two-factor authentication in its latest update, adds numerous UI enhancements, and more. … [Read more...]

Niri 0.1.5 Wayland Compositor Brings More Than Just Aesthetics

Variable refresh rate support is now available in Niri, enhancing your visual experience with smoother animations. … [Read more...]

Wine 9.7 Debuts with Enhanced ARM64X Support

Wine 9.7 is here with ARM64X build system support and a revamped Vulkan driver. Here's more on that! … [Read more...]

Miracle-WM 0.2.0 Brings Floating Window Manager Support

Miracle-WM 0.2.0, a new Wayland compositor based on Ubuntu’s MIR, was released with Sway/i3 IPC support and important bug fixes. … [Read more...]

Andreas Tille Is the New Debian Project Leader

After democratically held elections, Jonathan Carter stepped down as the Debian project leader, passing the role to Andreas Tille. … [Read more...]

MPV 0.38.0 Launches with Advanced Video and Audio Upgrades

MPV 0.38.0 video player rolls out with new scripting options, enhanced macOS functionality, and Vulkan support. … [Read more...]

Flatpak Patch Addresses Major Sandbox Escape Flaw

Critical CVE-2024-32462 exposed in Flatpak, allowing unauthorized code execution. Update urgently to fixed versions 1.14.6 and above. … [Read more...]

Pop!_OS’s COSMIC Pre-Alpha Shows Impressive Progress

Exciting updates for Pop!_OS and the COSMIC desktop environment, including new features and performance boosts. Here's more on that! … [Read more...]

Gentoo Council Implements Ban on AI-Assisted Contributions

Gentoo Council forbids AI-generated content from being made in contributions due to copyright and quality concerns. … [Read more...]

LXQt 2.0 Desktop Environment Released, Here’s What’s New

The latest LXQt 2.0 is here with dual Qt5 & Qt6 support, optimized for Wayland, a new Fancy Menu, and more. … [Read more...]

High Priority PuTTY Vulnerability Threatens Server Access Security

PuTTY's security flaw (CVE2024-31497) in ECDSA P521 keys risks private data exposure. Urgent update is needed. … [Read more...]

Arch Linux Re-Elects Current Leader for Another Term

Levente Polyák continues as Arch Linux Project Leader and wins the 2024 election unopposed. Here's more on that! … [Read more...]

VirtualBox 7.0.16 Launches with Numerous Fixes and Enhancements

VirtualBox 7.0.16 adds support for Linux kernel 6.9, addresses UBSAN warnings, updates Windows guest additions, and more. … [Read more...]